Auto Racing Is Electric!

Few spectator sports in the world today pack the excitement and thrills of auto racing. The close action of cars going door to door, bumper to bumper at top speeds brings excitement to thousands each and every week.  In one year across the country, approximately 58 million people will attend a racing event. Sports Illustrated recently confirmed that auto racing is now the number one attended sporting event in the United States.

Ethan is Moving Fast!

Ethan has opened up for 2 MONSTER JAM SHOWS. One at Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX, a sold out event with 66,000 spectators. The other was at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. This also was a sold out event at 80,000 people. As a major sponsor, our race car will be decorated in dynamic colors with your company logo for all the press and photographers to see for newspapers and local racing magazine publications.